We are the unique manufacturer of modern and reliable medical and laboratory centrifuges in Poland. Our direct partners include scientific and research centres and laboratories that help us to satisfy the requirements of our customers. Opinions of end users of our products are the best reference – please go to the downloads/references section.
According to the general provisions of the current legislation, we are a SME.
As a co-operative, our company is based only on the Polish equity, paid in by our members.
We run our business at our own manufacturing and office facilities.
Our manufacturing cycle starts at the design and technology departments where we use 3D computer aided design processes.

With our technical potential, we are able to manufacture electro-mechanical instruments with electronic components. We use numerically controlled machine tools, metal sheet processing equipment, and computer-controlled balancers and engraving machines. We have a list of approved suppliers in the area of design and manufacturing of electronic circuits, mechanical processing and other manufacturing techniques.
Our creative staff has extensive professional experience.
We are committed to continuously and successfully improving and upgrading our products.
For every centrifuge type, we offer a wide range of equipment to enhance the research and diagnostic capabilities of their users. The equipment is developed with the feedback from end users.
MPW products are recognised by the markets as technologically advanced, reliable and competitively priced. It has been confirmed for example by medals awarded at industry exhibitions – please visit the downloads/awards section.

From 2000, all our products are CE marked.
They are also registered as medical devices.
We have a quality management system in place. The system is compliant with EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC 2012.
In order to provide our customers with excellent customer service, we have an extensive network of domestic distributors and international business partners.
Another benefit of working with us is our fast, efficient and professional service provided by our colleagues or thorough the network of authorised repairers.

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