The history goes back to 1957. But 10 years ago the first conversations were what led to the creation of the current VAB. founded in 2007 to develop innovative, unique and distinctive products and sell in our health care system. With the strategic partners, we have found a background of decades of national and international experience in order to achieve this.
Our small but highly motivated team to help customers make the right product choices. Our field guide the trial placements and convince itself that functions optimally after delivery all. This approach has led to our clients in addition to the Netherlands domestic market are also in the rest of Europe and the Middle East.

We offer a complete range for health care institutions. VAB has the right solution for every type of rail. Our cubicle curtain track gives patients the privacy they need. The wide range of regular curtain rail system scan be applied broadly and is easy to install. The patented Load Release System is our answer to the healthcare sector’s need to have cubicle curtain track and curtain rails released under certain conditions.
The fabrics are designed for healthcare environments that demands the best. Features are: waterproof, anti-microbial, fire retardant, stain resistant and extremely durable. The various prints are harmonious, soft and relaxing.

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