Since 1951. ALTAMIRA was founded by Lisbon School of Fine Arts (FBAUL) students.

The aim was to create quality contemporary furniture with a strong component of design. Focusing on a philosophy that consisted on replacing handmade by industrial production, the purpose was to widen the access of this type of products to a larger audience. Following its founders’ vision and background, ALTAMIRA has always worked with renowned experts in Architecture and Design.

The interaction with art is present in both the brand and logo. The company’s name was inspired by the famous Cave of ALTAMIRA. The cave’s ceiling, featuring drawings and polychrome rock paintings is where the idea for the logo, a bison, comes from. Déchelette has called it “the Sistine Chapel of prehistory”.

The Cave of Altamira, discovered in Cantabria (Spain) in 1879 (made public in 1880), preserves one of the most important prehistoric cave paintings ever discovered.

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